500 MW Wawa Pump Storage Hydropower Project

“Pumped storage is the best battery in the world”

Wawa Pump Storage Hydropower Project

The 500 MW Wawa Pump Storage Hydropower Project is being undertaken by SLRB’s sister company, Olympia Violago Water & Power Inc., (OVPI) and Global Power Business Corporation. With an expected total project cost of $1 Billion, the project is an energy storage asset capable of delivering 500 MW of mid-merit and peak energy to the Philippine power market.

It will greatly assist in grid management while also providing cheap and reliable peaking power, significantly contributing to the Philippine government’s push to triple renewable energy generation capacity by 2030.

The Wawa Project will contribute to stability in the Luzon power grid by providing a reliable source of power during peak demand hours and consuming power during off-peak hours.